Work Package 3


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Work Package 3

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WP Leader: LNEC - Applied research through pilot projects



This work package responds to the DoRN Topic D: “How to combine the strength of traditional techniques with the strength of Interlink”.

The objectives of this work package are focused on real-world demonstration and evaluation of results proposed in WP1 and WP2, intending to benefit from scanning/sensor data to enrich asset management systems with legacy data, and taking advantage of linked data and semantic web to improve current data capabilities, ensuring accessible, reliable, interoperable, integrated and publishable data.

  • Demonstrate the practical usage of the Master Data Dictionary (and EUROTL) for asset management activities through three pilot projects

  • Visualise the integrated data (including sensor/scanned data sets) in asset management system using tools such as iRoads.

  • Create and publish tools (such as APIs) to link data between relevant systems