Work Package 2


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Work Package 2

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WP Leader: TRL - Develop Master Data Dictionary for Sensor/Scanner Data



This work package responds to the DoRN Topic C: “How to benefit from scanning/sensor data to enrich asset management systems [containing] legacy data”, and on providing direction for pilot projects in WP3. WP2 will specifically focus on new sources of data, e.g.: from sensor/scanner technology. The objectives are to: 

  • Assess the current status of information management of sensor/scanned based data across European NRAs 

        - Using a mix of desktop research and consultation we will produce a report on current state-of-the-art and opportunities to use “new” data sources 

  • Understand industry trends in the area of remote sensors and scanning 

       - To future-proof project outcomes to a reasonable extent, and provide strategic advice to CEDR members and align the data type 

  • Develop a data dictionary for sensor/scanned data 

        - Develop a specification for a data dictionary for “new” data for up to 4 key assets 

  •  Provide direction to WP3 pilot projects 

       - Provide guidance to pilot projects on the use of data from sensors/scanners; handover of data dictionary to WP3