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CoDEC - Workshops with implementation partners

CoDEC - Connected Data for Effective Collaboration


The CoDEC project demonstrated the connectivity between the Master Data Dictionary and EUROTL through three pilot projects, targeting three practical scenarios involving different data types. 

The pilot projects were conducted with the support of three implementation partners:

  • Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer (AWV, Belgian (Flemish) NRA) – Tunnel
  • Rijkswaterstaat (RWS, Dutch NRA) - Bridge
  • Väylävirasto (FTIA, Finnish NRA) Highway

The project consortium, on a regular basis, engaged with and worked closely with the implementation partners to set up the pilot projects as well as align and implement the project with their requirements. 

In addition to these regular engagements, an online workshop (CoDEC Pilot Project Demo) for all implementation partners was organised today aimed at receiving feedback on the outcomes of the pilots.

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